Why Buy Silver Bullion as Your Crisis Currency in 2019?

Investors nationwide are losing thousands of dollars by ignoring undervalued silver…

Silver has been a trusted store of value for thousands of years, but in recent times has been severely underestimated as an investment metal. Major hype and fake news has kept silver out of the spotlight and lures hardworking investors into thinking that silver simply isn’t worth it…

Over at American Bullion, they consistently get calls from investors asking about silver bullion, bars, and coins who know better than to trust hype and fake news, so they’ve created this free special report to educate potential silver investors and help them make a secure, legit and favorable investment.

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Inside this special report you’ll discover:

  • Why Silver is Desirable in 2019
  • How Undervalued Silver Has Become and Why
  • How to Find a Trustworthy Silver Dealer
  • The Best & Safest Storage Locations for Your Silver
  • Important Notes on How Essential Silver is to Mankind
  • PLUS…

  • An Eye-Opening Look Behind the Wizard’s Curtain of International Finance to Reveal the Forces that Are Shaping a Coming Financial Crisis and What that Means Regarding a Substantial Increase in the Metal’s Price.

The New Case for Silver

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Why Buy Silver Bullion? Get the New Case for Silver...

When the economy gets caught in the merciless grip of inflation, investors shed paper assets and shift to hard assets such as silver, and other precious metals such as gold, palladium, and platinum, which increase in value under inflationary conditions.”


In Today’s Stormy Economic Climate, Silver is Becoming a Highly Desirable Asset for Investors…

Unlike other investments, silver doesn’t lose value. In fact, when economic instability is in the forefront, silver’s value increases. Given recent alarming economic events, Americans are looking for a secure way to protect their funds in case of a market collapse. Given recent events with Iran, China, Russia and the exploding US spending deficit, markets are at risk of a dramatic collapse and investors can lose money at a moment’s notice. It’s always crucial to diversify your portfolio, and you should include a stable asset such as silver in your investment or retirement portfolio.


Physical silver and other precious metals offer true diversification, solid protection and excellent profit potential for any portfolio. When you buy silver bullion to secure it within your retirement portfolio, nothing comes between you and your physical asset.


Silver comes with proven inherent built in protection against a stock market crash, global uncertainty, and currency fluctuations.


Silver is an essential component in nearly every industry and is of strategic importance to every country on Earth. Experts project a rapid rise in price off it’s recent lows.

Why Buy Silver Bullion in the First Place?

Individuals and families from all walks of life and political backgrounds are watching anxiously as disturbing signs all point toward a very likely unprecedented financial crisis and social disaster. These kinds of predictions might sound like fake news, hype, and fear mongering to those who don’t pay too much attention to these things, but when you piece together everything that’s been going on in the geopolitical landscape it becomes very clear that these are perfectly justified, rational concerns.

1 What would everyday life be like if many major world currencies that we depend on rapidly lost their value?


2 Is the stock market truly on the brink of caving in on itself; i.e. crash?


3 How will people pay for their life necessities, survive even, when their savings become nearly worthless?


4 Could our advanced society degrade to the point where our fictional apocalyptic scenarios are tame in comparison?

$21 trillion worth of US national debt is not only the highest public debt in the history of the world, it is completely unsustainable. Rising interest rates will cause debt servicing to consume a growing share of the United States’ limited annual revenues (exceeding 10 percent of all government income imminently at today’s increased interest rates). The higher interest rates go, the worse this fiscal nightmare will become for Washington. It will only get worse over time with global consequences.

Financial Meltdown

Signs That Cannot Be Ignored

Consumer Debt

Skyrocketing Consumer Debt

Student and household debt has skyrocketed to disturbing levels in recent years since the 2008 Financial Crisis. Student loans alone now exceed the trillion-dollar mark. Still, consumers are continuing to purchase and spend despite the fact that 90 percent of them still earn the same amount or less than they did following the Financial Crisis of 2008. Think about it; How long can this irresponsible borrowing against the future go on?

(Hint: The answer is a flat out not indefinitely. The bill always comes due, that due date will be here before we know it.)

Corporate Debt

Corporate Debt? Oh Boy…

With interest rates at historic lows, big business used this one-of-a-kind “opportunity” to rack up huge debt against their balance sheets. Did wrecking their financial bases after a decade of this continuous irresponsible borrowing behavior give them anything to show for it? No. Most of this money was flushed down the toilet on executive bonuses, compensation packages, and stock buybacks. Next to nothing went towards increasing productivity or investing in technology as well as new business opportunities. Now that interest rates are climbing, they’re still on the hook for these huge debt burdens with future free flow cash. This will translate into unending strain on their collective balance sheets and overall financial health.

Guess who’ll get stuck bailing them out?

Not Enough Cash

Not Enough Cash

More than a third of Americans don’t have any savings to fall back on. That’s about 70 million people in the United States who will be in dire straights within days or weeks of the US dollar’s devaluation. About half of all Americans only have enough savings to last them 90 days or less. Together, this translates into approximately 80% of Americans who will be in deep trouble within 3 months of losing their income. When the American economy gets into a hurt bag, this undoubtedly leads to a global chain reaction as its done before.

Are you ready for the consequences to you no matter where you live?

Find Out What’s Next for Silver

Given the economic and geopolitical storm clouds on the horizon and the potential upswing in precious metals value that this entails, doesn’t it make sense to add physical silver to your portfolio — or through your retirement account?

We certainly think so.

Even putting 10–30% of your retirement into silver before the 2008 financial disaster would have not only PROTECTED your retirement, but you would have been one of the lucky few who actually made GAINS during that volatile time.

Can it Quadruple Again?

It’s a fairly well known fact, that there exists seventeen and a half times as much silver on planet Earth, as gold. So it makes sense that gold has greater value, but what many investors are unaware of is the fact that half of the silver currently mined annually is used in industry and much of it in such small amounts that it’s not cost-effective to recover and recycle. It is used extensively in the manufacturing process of electronics, solar panels, and its use is rapidly growing in the medical arena, due to its antiseptic, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

In Roman times, the price ratio of gold to silver was pegged at 12:1, meaning that it took twelve ounces of silver to equal the value of one ounce of gold. The U.S. originally pegged the gold/silver price ratio at 15:1 in 1792. At the end of the 19th Century, the fixed ratio of the metals was curtailed and they were allowed to move exclusively by market forces.

When the Hunt Brothers tried to corner the silver market in 1980, the price of an ounce surged to $49.45. Gold failed to respond sympathetically to the ploy, so the ratio returned for a short period of time to 17:1. But in February of 1991, gold took off in response to an economic recession and silver was not as sympathetic, so the already distended ratio expanded to its all-time high of 100:1.

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Here’s the kicker…

Once released, the average gold/silver price ratio during the 20th Century was approximately 47:1, while over the past twenty years, the ratio has averaged closer to 60:1.

Analysts say that the 80:1 level has become a silver “BUY” indication for those “in the know.”

Current ratio is 84:1 ($15.70 : $1318)

Like gold and other precious metals, silver’s value typically travels in the opposite direction from other traditional investment instruments during times of a stock market correction or collapse, global and or domestic political consternation and most types of serious economic uncertainty. The reason most all financial portfolios need physical silver is for use as a defensive hedge, but its potential as an offensive instrument is formidable, easily liquidated, and purely an “added” benefit.

American Bullion is a U.S. Mint bullion dealer and was the pioneer of the Precious Metals IRA.

The opportunity to buy silver bullion at these low prices and benefit from physical silver possession may never be higher.

Universal liquidity, a willing market at practically any time, and financial protection from cataclysmic economic occurrences make physical silver a must have. Today’s potential trade wars, geopolitical consternation, and slowing global economies have the world on edge, making this a perfect time to cash in on stock values near an all-time high and convert a portion to physical silver, which is still well off its all-time high. Protect your hard earned assets and legacy. Call American Bullion at (888) 861-2208 or claim your Free Guide by clicking below now!

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Why Buy Silver Bullion? Get the New Case for Silver...
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